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To benefit, inspire, and educate women and girls.

The Lady Tech Charmers will share with you stories, ideas, and resources to empower women globally.

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Global research has shown.… there are not enough women in technology or leadership worldwide and those that are there are not as visible as they should be. The Lady Tech Charmers podcast is shifting the conversation to create a movement in order to encourage women in tech and empower females to take leadership with their talents.

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Lady Tech Charmer Podcast

From coffee meetings to podcast episodes, networking events, and video conferences we decided we needed a voice, especially in the south for the advancement of leadership and tech for women and girls. In 2016 we began to lay the groundwork for our women in tech podcast and in June 2017 Lady Tech Charmers was born.

Expert Team

The Founders

Caitlin Sellers

Caitlin Sellers

Digital Therapist

Caitlin provides digital sales and marketing therapy to in house teams, agency leaders and entrepreneurs.
Paula Okonneh

Paula Okonneh

Podcast Extraordinaire

Paula works with entrepreneurs and professionals who want to create a complete and sophisticated business profile online.
Sharon Jones

Sharon Jones

Your favorite teacher!

Sharon is a self motivated, out of the box thinker who brings real life business problems into the classroom and teaches real life technological solutions to those problems.

Latest Episodes

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#55 Shifting Your Mindset to Pursue your Dreams

This week we sit in awe of Memory Munetsi and her amazing journey from her home country to the US to pursue her dreams of education. She embodies all that makes us strong as women and has created an incredible career through grit, learning, and embracing technology! 

#54 Empowering Students to Find their Paths to Success through STEAM

We continue our STEM education series with a chat with Laurie Carey as we explore more about how we can change the conversation around transforming education. Laurie explains how we can disrupt education to make systematic change and include technology as a tool and a...

#53 Magnet School Showcase: Northridge Middle

On episode #52 we chatted with Amanda Childress about what is a magnet school and the mission behind magnet school options. This week we wanted to showcase one of the STEM/Computer Science schools that is incorporating the concept throughout disciplines. Listen as...


What People Are Saying

“Very encouraging and informative for women who are interested in starting their own business. Thanks for sharing” Evelyn

“Great interview with a wealth of knowledge about the Magnet programs CMS offers. It was good to hear about the STEM and STEAM opportunities as well.” Kevin

“A must listen for any female navigating the working world and tech!” Tammy

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