The show today will focus on how Bernadette Maulion was able to use personal finance to create successful businesses.

Today we are chatting with the owner of Dressed Charlotte and Bernadette Joy Consulting.

Her passion in personal finance came from her stupidity in taking out $70K worth of student loans for her MBA. In less than a year, she and her husband paid off the entire debt in what takes most people ten years.

Our Time Stamped Show Notes

[5:19] Where the idea for Dressed Charlotte came from

[5:44] How she paid off her student loan

[7:06] Her timeline

[12:38] What lead her to create Bernadette Joy Consulting

[15:09]What technology she uses/ used to grow and manage her businesses


[13:56] Every Dollar – a Dave Ramsey product

[15:52] Acuity Scheduling App

[16:18] Shopify