Today we are focusing on Self care for women in Tech and women who have a sedentary work life.

We have the privilege of having the owner of Integrative Bodywork, Sandra Weber as our guest. Sandra is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist specializing in structural bodywork.

Along with providing a clinical approach to massage, Sandra spends time teaching her clients how to change the habits of daily activity that produce many of the aches and pains experienced.

Traditional massage therapy and advanced muscle testing techniques will assist those with chronic pain, improper posture, and those looking to increase performance.

Our Time Stamped Show Notes

7:00At what point did you make the shift in your career path?

7:44What was that drive ?

11:30What if people are not active?

17:16Posture is determined from the womb

Frequently Asked Questions

29:45 Do your hands get sore?

30:10Is massaging gross?

30:43 Do you have a studio?