Today we are chatting with Tammy Tufty. The show today will focus on being a career woman in a male dominated field and balancing work and family life.

Tammy Tufty is a Brand and Marketing Strategist who partners with CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs to grow their professional brands. After spending 18 years in marketing for sports nutrition brands and Fortune 500 companies, Tammy knows how to craft strategies to propel your brand forward.

She is an award-winning marketer, blogger and relationship builder. In addition to her extensive marketing experience, Tammy is a mom to two girls, a wife and a die-hard Virginia Tech football fan.

Learn more about her at

Our Time Stamped Show Notes

5:10 "] What type of company values do you look for?

7:10 "]Tell us a little bit about your experience with marketing communications. How did you come into this space?

9:35 "] What are some of the newest trends in the industry that you see emerging?

  • Instagram
  • You tube

12:17 "] Do you think that email has a place in the marketing communication field?

12:37 "] Where do you find is your most marketable area to send out content?

14:09 "] What are some of the biggest challenges you faced in corporate as a female in tech/business?